Mobile Application Security


IT SEC Mobile Security Team utilizes the OWASP Mobile Top 10 Application Security Verification Standard methodology, in addition to our own proprietary AppSec Methodology, the mobile security team will perform a comprehensive end to end MobileApp Security Assessment and PenTest that exceeds all current standards or checklists. Our Application Security Testing is designed for Andriod, iOS, and Windows Operating System separately as each of these platforms needs to be tested individually. 

With over 5.3 Billion Mobile phones in use, Mobile Applications are at the center stage with over 7 million applications available for download globally. This has created an incredible opportunity for cybercriminals and hackers to target Mobile Applications specifically since our mobile phones carry our most sensitive information such as our contacts, calendar, pictures, emails, in addition to possible access to corporate data and networks. This why secure development and continuous testing of applications are vital to ensure the application is secure and prevent data leaks or security breach.

  • Mobile Application Foot Printing
  • IT SEC Hybrid Analysis
    • Static Application Security Testing – SAST
    • Dynamic Application Security Testing – DAST
    • ITSEC AppSec Manual Testing
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Server-Side Analysis
  • Compliance & Regulatory Analysis
  • Cross-Platform Testing on Android, iOS, and Windows


Mobile Application Security should be the single most important factor in developing a mobile application today. The consequences of a security breach on a MobileApp are extreme for both the user to loss or breach of data on their mobile and Application owners face liability, market reputation and possibly being blacklisted on all Application Stores.

Performing a Security Assessment on Mobile Applications are designed to discover vulnerabilities and weakness both in the code and the logic where the hackers are most likely to exploit these vulnerabilities.  The Mobile Application Security Test will produce an actionable report for the development for the remediation of the findings and a final test for confirmation and market release.
  • Preventing Future Attacks on the Application
  • Independent Review of Security Architecture of Application Code
  • Regulatory and Compliance Requirments
  • Identify all security flaws within the core designs and improve the security of the application for the development team
  • Functionality improvements with eliminating any and or possible future security breaches
  • User happiness and confidence is boosted
  • Displaying Secured By IT SEC Badge
Mobile Security Assessment Approach

Mobile Application Security Approach

Step 1


Mitigate the risk of data loss through vulnerabilities, malware, hacking or abuse by ensuring that the data on your users’ devices is being actively secured.

Step 2


Specify only authentic devices you will allow, detect jail broken devices that might create threats and remote lock devices to prevent misuse

Step 3


This feature will allow you to blacklist or whitelist apps, separate and monitor only official apps on BYODs and analyze all information on apps installed on devices

Step 4


Protect corporate data by restricting by unknown devices from accessing your corporate network

Step 5


Managing emails simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows platforms and providing platform containerization of corporate data


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