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In Conversation With Amir Kolahzadeh; Founder and CEO – IT SEC

Amir Kolahzadeh, CEO of IT SEC and recently listed in the Dubai 100: The Most Influential People in the Emirate. Kolahzadeh is a cybersecurity and technology visionary who founded IT Sec in 2013 as cybersecurity became one of the most crucial issues for businesses to tackle.

UAE Weekly – Interview featuring Amir Kolahzadeh

The annual cost of cybercrimes to the global economy is estimated to be around US $400 billion. And what’s surprising industry experts, according to a recent McAfee Labs threats Report, is most notably the transformation of cybercrime into a fully fledged industry. However, with cyber criminals developing new attacks, the security industry is responding with new defenses… We sat down with the Managing Director of IT Sec to learn more

Intersec 2017 – Exciting & Innovative Security Products on show

Taking a look at some of the most exciting and innovate products on show at Intersec 2017. We speak to Amir Kolahzadeh, Chief Executive Officer at ITSEC who showcased a ‘behind the scenes’ hacking demonstration; David Erasmus, Business Development Executive at JARD on their inventory and loss prevention services; and Dr. Alejandro Ojeda, Co-Founder & Managing Director at UrbanAlps AG about their high security ‘Stealth Key’.