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meet Information Security Regulation (ISR) regulations.

Dubai Government Information Security Resolution “ISR” is the principal guidelines of Cyber Security Strategy which provides the necessary cyber framework for both private and government organization in the Emirates of Dubai. This mandated regulation is implemented by the Dubai Electronic Security Center also known as “DESC”.
Security Strategy
DESC’s Cyber Security Strategy has 5 Domains and as a single vision with 4 strategy principles: 1) Compliance with Regulations 2)Free Flow of Information  3) Collaboration 4) Consideration of Risk, the become the guiding principles of ISR. The 5 Strategy Domains are:
Achieving awareness, skills and capabilities to manage cyber security risks for Dubai’s public and private sectors, and individuals
Putting controls in place to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability, as well as data privacy for Dubai’s public and private sectors, and individuals
promoting research and development for cyber security, and establishing a free, fair and secure cyber space in Dubai
Ensuring the continuity of IT systems and their availability in the cyber space
Establishing national and international collaboration to manage cyber risks.

IT SEC Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance Audits are designed to meet industry standards compliance for Dubai Government ISR and assist your organization to achieve compliance and maintain security standard life cycles. Our ISR Consultants will assess your organization current security posture through a detailed GAP Assessment and will design a detailed Security Roadmap toward securing your organization while meeting regulatory compliance.



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Information Security Regulation Domains 2.0

Domain 1| Information Security Management & Governance
Domain 2| Information & Information Asset Management
Domain 3| Information Security Risk Assessment
Domain 4| Incident & Problem Management
Domain 5| Access Control
Domain 6| Operations, Systems & Communication Management
Domain 7| Business Continuity Planning
Domain 8| Information Systems Acquisition, Development & Management
Domain 9| Environmental & Physical Security
Domain 10| Roles & Responsibilities of Human Resources
Domain 11| Compliance & Audit
Domain 12| Information Security Assurance & Performance Assessment
Domain 13| Cloud Security

How Our ISR Risk & Compliance Process Works?

Step 1

identify risk

Working with the customer to clearly define and document assessment objectives, scope, and rules of engagement to identify risks.

Step 2

assess risk

The identified vulnerabilities and risks must be assessed against each organizational asset and define impact values for each risk area.

Step 3

control risk

Finding existing vulnerabilities, using both manual and automated techniques.

Step 4

review controls

Providing a comprehensive report with deep analysis and recommendations on how to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities

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