8 Most Common Cybercrimes on the UAE

As the nature of crime has in many cases moved off the streets and onto the digital space, the police forces are also developing innovative solutions to nab cyber criminals. 999 gives you a DETAILED knowledge to protect you from becoming the next victim

The UAE is a country that always looks to the future, never content to rest on its laurels. Some of the most advanced security technologies in the world are swiftly and effectively implemented here as soon as they become available. And the country constantly works on its own innovations as well

Every year, Abu Dhabi Police organise community campaigns to combat digital crimes committed through the Internet and payment gateways. These campaigns educate community members on the ways to strengthen
their security by taking precautions and following police guidelines.

Major Salim Hamad Al Sharqi Al Ameri, Director of the cybercrimes branch in the organised crimes section within the CID Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, said, “A digital crime is any criminal act in which a computer or the Internet is utilised as the main tool – this includes unlawful access to protected websites, and can be defined as any unlawful or unauthorised act on computer systems or hacking into data.”

He said that the top digital crimes in the UAE were: hacking; verbal offence or defamation via the Internet; fraud via e-mail and fake websites; credit card forgery; and phishing.

“Abu Dhabi Police keep round-the-clock watch on the Internet through e-patrols, affiliated to the CID,” said Al Ameri. “These -patrols track user communications in chat rooms and on similar forums. The vigilant e-patrols are highly effective in catching cybercriminals.”

The fake job offer has been around in the UAE for a while now and many have fallen victim to it

Amir Kolahzadeh

Amir Kolahzadeh
Managing director of cyber security provider Itsec


Article By Mark Nituma

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