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Penetration Testing

  • » Compliance
  • » Network Security
  • » External Testing
  • » Internal Testing

The challenge for any IT organization is to assess and prioritize information security vulnerabilities as they would be by an adversary practiced in cyber hacking tools and techniques. This requires a different perspective, tools and expertise than what traditional IT resources have on the team.

IT SEC Penetration Testing (Pen Test) services help you test your network security defenses and meet compliance with government or industry regulations. A penetration test (also known as ethical hacking) determines how well your organization's security policies protect your assets by trying to gain access to your network and information assets in the same way a cyber-attacker would.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • » Achieve Compliance
  • » Evaluate Network Security
  • » External Vulnerability Assessment Testing
  • » Internal Vulnerability Assessment Testing

Vulnerabilities that may exist across your systems and applications can create an easy path for cyber attackers to gain access to and exploit your environment. With dozens and even hundreds of applications and systems across your environment with access to the Internet, maintaining and updating system operating systems and applications to eliminate vulnerabilities is paramount - especially when those applications and systems are tied to sensitive customer, patient or cardholder information.

Security Assessment and Risk Analysis

  • » Internal and external controls
  • » Policies & procedures

IT SEC's security risk management experts work with you to assess your information security policies, processes, and technologies to identify weaknesses, categorize security risks, and recommend improvements.

Our Security Assessment and Risk Analysis service helps fortify your environment and improve compliance with industry regulations by providing a comprehensive assessment of each important aspect of your security program.

Social Engineering

  • » Baiting
  • » Phishing
  • » Pretexting
  • » Quid pro quo
  • » Spam
  • » Spear phishing
  • » Tailgating

Don't now allow Social Engineering From Compromising Your Security

Social engineering methods are limited only by the creativity of the person or persons perpetrating them. Most social engineering takes place via email, text message and phone. However, tactics can include simply walking in the front door behind someone possessing a valid badge, or dropping portable USB drives in the parking lot and waiting for an unsuspecting employee to plug them into their work computer.

Web Application Security Assessment

  • » Assess your web applications
  • » Identify business logical flaws
  • » Validate the effectiveness of your perimeter controls
  • » Evaluate the security controls
  • » Test to determine specific areas of weakness and their risk
  • » Get expert guidance and recommendations on what you should do specifically do to improve security

Secure & protecting valuable and critical applications

Web applications or "web apps" represent an organization's connection to the Internet and its customers, partners and suppliers. In many cases, web applications represent the most valuable and critical assets applications within organizations as the web apps drive customer awareness, revenue and sales activity. Unfortunately, web applications also represent one of the most attractive targets for threat actors and are responsible for a majority of reported security breaches.

Wireless Security Testing

  • » Evaluates the security of your wireless network infrastructure
  • » Assesses your compliance with applicable mandates
  • » Identifies rogue access points and other points of unauthorized entry

Protecting Your Wireless Networks

All enterprises must ensure that their wireless networks are secure and their data is protected while meeting all applicable compliance mandates.

Based on the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standards, Wi-Fi wireless networks have inherent risks. These risks can come from improperly secured infrastructure, rogue access points and wireless clients themselves. MAC filtering, WEP encryption and pre-shared keys are no longer effective defensive measures to protect customers using the wireless network and accessing data. Most of these measures can be bypassed or broken within minutes, exposing your internal infrastructure.